Drawbar Centering Shim Thingy

The arrow is pointing to the mill spindle in question. The hole in the spindle is quite big and the drawbar dia. is relatively small. When you tighten the nut the bar comes to rest off center. I figured that was bad for something that would be turning at very high RPM. My DRO was also jittering like crazy on the Z axis when the mill was running. So...

*********************** 03/07/06 ***********************

I went back and took a shot of the drawbar without the shim. As you can see the bar is quite off center when the nut is snugged.

...I made a little insert for the drawbar out of a hunk of what used to be scrap.

Well there it is doing it's alignment thing. Not that impressive but the fit was excellent and not bad for the fourth thing I've ever machined in my life. It extends about 3/4" down inside the mill spindle.

If you want to see more pictures check out the project.