Drawbar Mod (details)

So I had a couple of 1" billets left over from making my tool height gauge and LC/EF holder. Waste not want not, so I figured I'd build something to keep my mill drawbar centered.

You can see my new draw bar in this shot. This is the replacement for the metric one that came on my machine. My collets are in inches of course.

Just a basic turning operation. I took this surface down to fit inside the mill spindle. Then the drawbar will have to fit inside this shim/spacer thingy dingy I'm making.

I bored the hole for the drawbar all the way through. Then I flipped the piece and gripped the part I just turned down to cut a relief for turning the nut and a short taper to keep the spacer from resting on the outer edge of the mill spindle.

Well there it is doing it's alignment thing. Not that impressive but the fit was excellent and not bad for the fourth thing I've ever machined in my life. It extends about 3/4" down inside the mill spindle.

The problem I was having is that the bar would be off center when tightened down and caused a wobble in DRO readings when the mill was running. This fix helped a lot.

The arrow is pointing to the mill spindle in question.