Rotary Table Re-Machine

Okay, not all that much to get excited about. However, when I fit up the chuck to the rotary table and checked it with the height was .012" high on one side.

Ru ro, somebody is a baaaad machinist. Or, another far out possibility, the rotary table itself is wonked.

Well, I threw the table part of the table into the 4 Jaw, indicated it in and then proceeded to indicate the face of the table...or the tabletop, whatever.

Yep, that sucker is .012 out. Time to cut some metal.

Zip, bam, boom. A couple of passes with an insert tool was enough to do the trick. Didn't want to take down the grooves too much.

Re-assembly showed an improvement of about 11 thousandths...that is to say now it's only out a thou after the machining. I'll take it. This is just some ENCO cheapo import but she turns silky smooth and now it's even flat!