Mill Cord Routing Modification

This is another problem pointed out by Tangoromeo. When the mill head comes all the way down it can cut the power cord. Baaaaad

Pop in a little cable clamp and there you go. I mounted it closer to the hole in the case so the cord would travel freely as the mill head went up and down. If you anchor it closer to the motor it will bind. I also used a machine screw and nut instead of a sheet metal screw...because I over drilled the hole.
*********************** 04/24/06 ***********************

I am making a mount for my DRO since the Jenix model that now comes with the Shoptask is quite large and can't mount on the mill column like some of the photos I've seen.

I plan to attach it to the flat area on top of the gearbox.

So, I would have to move the mill cord keeper. After thinking about it, this is probably a better location anyway because the attachment point moves with the mill column as it is raised or lowered.