Useful Links
Shoptask Info

--TangoRomeo's Guide to the Shoptask

--BDI (Resource for high quality replacement bearings for the Shoptask)


--Shoptask Tips (A compilation of forum tips I stumbled across)

--CNC Zone (Check out the Shoptask thread)

--Home Shop Machinist (Good publications and a good forum)

--The Home Machinist! (General machining forum)

--Metal Illness (More machine shop talk)

--User Sponsored Shoptask Forum

--Shoptask Sponsored Forum (Official)

Material Supply

--Online Metals (buy machining materials online, I personally use these guys)

--Metal Express (another option)

--AeroMarine Products (small retailer of all kinds of casting and molding supplies)

Reference Materials Online

--Efunda (A great engineering resource for materials and processes)

--MatWeb (More information on materials than you need to know)

--Technology Student (Basic overviews of lots of useful tech related stuff)

--Molecular Expressions (One of the coolest things on the web. Navigate to the bottom level of any topic to see real time Java tools that demonstrate concepts in light and optics)

--US Patent Office (Should be self explanatory)

Cool Links (yes I said cool)

Here are some links that will make you say...woah. This is probably a good time to introduce the "W" rating system. No, it's not a political statement but a measure of the "woah" magnitude on a scale of 1 to 5 W's.

Most things are fabrication related but not all--Should provide some decent "at work" entertainment. I'm happy to add links that people submit if they elicit an out loud woah when I look at them.

The MULE: (WWWWW 5) A link to a video for the MULE, a prototype rough terrain transport robot. This is one of the most amazing things I've seen ever and pretty creepy too.

Pulse Discharge Machine: (WWW 3) I have no idea how the science works but the results are pretty crazy and the project is well documented.

Home Built CNC: (WWWWW 5) This should maybe get six W's but we're not set up for that. If the title doesn't sound that dramatic, check out the site. It's in German but the photos are well worth it. This machine looks better than a lot of commercial stuff I've seen.

Epilog Laser: (W) Nothing tricky here, but I gotta get one of these at home!

Build a Storm Trooper Costume: (WWWW 4) George Lucas would be proud...or suing for copyright infringement. Either way, if you have the time an energy you could be the coolest person ever this Haloween.

HUMVEE Driving Lessons: (W) Want to get the most out of your Hummer this summer? Take our course in advanced terrain negotiation. Please make sure your coffee has a lid. (WWWWW 5) Now this is what the internet should be used for. This is a very fun site for people who make things. Five W's might be a bit excessive but it's for the concept, not the content.

James Clyne: (WWWWW 5) Nothing to do with machining but this guy is an amazing artist and works on movies. Five enthusiastic W's! I promise you will say woah.

Ogg: (W) Stainless+machined+beer = Cool. Not a lot of actually woah factor, but clever none the less.

Craftsmanship Museum (Mark Ho): (WWWWW 5) Another six W candidate. This project is INSANE! I mean that in a good way. It took six years to complete if that isn't enough in itself.

Product Reviews

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Other Peoples Projects (OPP)

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