Dentist's Light

I picked up this dental light on Ebay for about 150 bucks and they run about a grand for a new one.

Seemed like it would make a great work light...and it makes a great work light.

I needed a way to mount this thing so I welded the three round slugs to a piece of 2" C-channel with the round tube in place.

There is just enough warpage that the tube is held "very" firmly but I could get it out if I had to.

This piece of 2" steel tube has just the right ID to match an aluminum sleeve that came with the dental light. This cap is a snug slip fit. I was going to weld them together but there is really no reason to do so.

This end is bored with a flange at the bottom to accept the 1" tube. I was going to weld this as well, but again, no reason.

The whole shebang just slips together and gravity does the rest.

This is a mock up with a 2" aluminum tube clamped to my shop cart. It has quite a lot of reach which is helpful when I don't want the cart right in my workspace.

Here is the final product in use! The beam is quite wide and rectangular and the lamp has three power settings.

It's not a great flood light but it is a fantastic spot light. The only issue at this point is the head tends to swing around when the floor is not perfectly flat.

The C-channel is mounted to the cart by a couple of 3/8" bolts on the leg.