Hanger Bracket for Anodizing Rig

Yikes, well here are the first steps in getting my anodizing rig set up. I ordered the kit from Caswell. People should check out Ron's site though. In my case the Caswell kit was appealing. I'm short on time and long on work so I didn't want to spend hours buying aquarium heaters and the like.

The piece I'm milling is a .125" x 2" chunk of Al from Home Depot. My kit came with a bunch of similar bars...but what are they for? Every one was too short to span the bucket.

When I started reading in the manual about hammering the ends of a copper pipe I became concerned that my kit was not as "complete" as I was hoping. Like...where is the tube for the air pump? Too expensive to include I guess.

Right, more rock less talk. So the slots are milled to fit over the edges of the bucket. Forget the copper pipe. Now I'm drilling some holes for the knobs I will use to secure the hanger wire to the bracket.

I made some extra holes so I could have mounting options. I can also screw the knobs in from the other side to get better clearance. The four on the right are identical and the two on the left I tried some other stuff that didn't work out so well.

Well, this is how it will work. The kit came with some titanium wire, which I thought was cool, but this is all of it. Enough for the 4 wires to touch the bottom of the bucket.

I was fooling around with the bolt circle feature on my DRO to detail the knobs. I had intended to cut grooves around the circumference of the knobs but my order of operations didn't allow for that.

I tried threading them into a blank that I could clamp into my vise, but quickly realized that the end mill would unscrew the knobs. Not that great. I settled for plunging some holes.