Mounting an Allen Bradley Control Panel

I just love IBM. Apparently one of their factories shut it's doors and a bunch of their junk ended up at our school shop.

In particular, some large sheets of 1/2" tooling plate that are anodized black. Perfect stuff for all kinds of mounting brackets.

It's a bit hard to see, but I center punched four spots and I'm locating them with my LC/EF. To get them in the right place, I clamped my plate onto the base of the AB control box and just marked with the punch.

Quick work of four holes on the Bridgeport. I tapped each 1/4-20.

That was pretty easy. I actualy squared the plate and chamfered the edges at home on the Shoptask. My 4 inch vise is killing me. It only opens 2 3/4" inches. I'd like a 6 inch but it just seems way too big for the ST.

Anyway, the four big holes are for some U shaped pipe shackle thingys I got at the hardware store...should do.

The extra hole was already there, that's how scrap is sometimes.

This was straight forward, except for holding the thing up and getting the hardware on the shackles by myself. It took a while but I used the force to hold the box while I threaded the nuts Luke.

"Do or do not, there is no try." --Yoda

It's quite secure and awaiting a full rewire to control the lathe and mill motors through the VFD and will also hold the controls for my X axis power feed. Stay tuned.