Welding Table

This is actually a really old update, but when I moved into my new shop one of the first jobs (after the wooden tables) was to fab up a welding table.

I was trying to find a substitute for a 1/2" steel plate top...and has this crazy idea. A giant expanded steel grate. I know, I know it's not going to be much of a precision surface; but I traded precision for "being able to get it home in my car."

As you can see, I have no table to start out with...so I started on the floor.

These came out beautifully if I don't say so myself. I MIG'd a 1/2" length of DOM to each side of the grate. This way I could bend it relatively flat and not impale myself on the sharp edges.

Man I bought some really scaly 2" square tube for real cheap. I was going to use a flap wheel but the welding shop suggested this abrasive disc that really destroyed the scale.

Actually they gave me a disc for free to "try out." I thought that was fantastic and a good example of why you should shop local. Of course they knew I'd be back for two or three more by the end of the day.

They don't last forever but they really move that rust. Giddy up.

So this is looking at the "bottom" of the table. I drilled, tapped and welded some 1/4" plate to the bottom to accept my heavy duty locking casters.

Zip, zip, zip goes the MIG.

Not bad for a beginner?

Thar she blows! Just need to attach the casters and flip this big boy over. Um. I guess I went a little overkill on the table. Not bad though eh?

Be sure to check out the "welding ground clamp" project for my first upgrade to my custom welding table. Yeah that's right, I even upgrade my own stuff.

Yeeeep that's a welding table alright. Well, mostly. Some day I'll graduate to a thick sheet of something flat for the top but for now this works.

I have a sheet of 1/8" that I use for flat surface for small parts. The grate is supported by two more pieces of square tube that just sit on top of the horizontal supports.